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Do you know how to select a sailing school? The crisp morning air, the shimmering blue waters and the gentle winds are perfect for getting close to nature on your dinghy or sailboat. Have you seen scores of pictures of individuals sailing in their breezy summer attire on sailboats with white sails billowing in the winds in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean and wished you could do it too? Or is your desire more mundane and limited to a lazy Sunday morning fishing in the sparkling river in the neighborhood, enjoying the undulating movement of the boat and crinkling laughter of children! Sailing is not only a panacea for the tired soul but is also an invigorating exercise for the body. It rekindles the sense of adventure in individuals addicted to screens of all shapes and sizes. It is truly a sport for the mind and body as you pit your wits and knowledge against nature in all its myriad forms. Sailing is also an intriguing amalgam of technology and experience as you navigate the blue waters. So if you wish to embrace this experience the first step is to enroll for a sailing course. There is no dearth of sailing schools and clubs but choosing the best school will enhance your learning experience and stand you in good stead should you be caught in a rough situation. Tips to choose a sailing school The first step is to narrow down schools in your locality by browsing online, or going through magazines or asking friends. With this list in hand proceed further to ensure the school of your choice meets the following criteria.

Certified instructors:

It is paramount that when you learn sailing from scratch you learn it right. Instructors who are certified to teach would have undergone several hours of training. They will be trained in safety, use of electronics on the boat and other techniques during emergencies. When you are out in the deep blue sea it is your knowledge that will save you from disaster and gain the complete knowledge is only possible from certified instructors. Look out for accreditation from US sailing or Royal Yachting Association.

The condition of boats and equipment:

The quality of a school is revealed from the condition of its classrooms, the equipment used in the sails and the sailboats. Make sure that all the fleet is maintained properly and the boats have all the requisite safety manuals and equipment on board. A well maintained and well-equipped boat is a prerequisite for any sailing course. 4. Student instructor ratio: The best ratio for maximum benefit is 1:4. When the class strength increases the learning experience dilutes and often you might miss out on keynotes and instructions.

Variety of courses:

A well-established school of repute will always offer more than the basic courses. It understands that the skill levels of its students vary and it must be able to tailor classes to suit individual capabilities and timings.
6. The necessary certifications: It is not enough if the instructors are certified, you must ensure that the school too has the required industry approvals and is run according to the rules and regulations of the region.
7. Training material: A school of repute will not skimp on training materials; it will be up to date on its models and audiovisual presentations. It must, in fact, give you all the study material for your own reference.
8. Cancellation and refund policy: Not all plans come to fructification; in such case, you must be aware of their cancellation and refund policy. Good schools have a written policy on these aspects and most of them keep some administration or registration fee and refund the balance.
A good practice will be to go through the testimonials on their website to know more about the school. Keeping the above points in mind choose a school and set sail into the sea of your dreams where every experience comes alive. .

The company

The BreakFree club is a sailing and windsurfing club established in 1990. The core principle of our company is to provide excellent service to our clientele. It is no surprise therefore that you will find our fleet of windsurfing boards, sailboats and dinghies of the highest quality in the market with stellar craftsmanship. Our boats might not be the most beautiful but they definitely are the sturdiest on this side of the country.

Activities here

Our basic motto is to encourage one and all to enjoy sailing. We sponsor cruises and races and offer training courses in the various aspects of sailing. Our courses start from scratch; they teach you from how to rig a boat to how to handle it single-handedly. Our classes are open for all age groups above 10. The popularity of our club has pulled us into sponsoring events as contrasting as book reading and aviation besides the annual regattas, youth activities, and other sailing related events. Our junior racing programs are immensely popular with the youth. The main goal of the company is to foster friendship between its members and help them explore and achieve common personal goals.

Safety first

We do not let anyone who is not qualified use our equipment. We offer several introductory courses for beginners wherein they can discover what sailing is all about and learn the various safety procedures when on board. Children below the age of five are not allowed on our boats; all minors must be accompanied by an adult. Our mission we are a part of a vibrant boating community which organizes interclub races, educational courses for non sailors and beginners and group lessons with qualified instructors. We believe in giving the community back and participate in a lot of educational camps across the city. Our diverse membership is proof of our all-encompassing passion for the sport which goes beyond all kinds of differences and disabilities. To know more about us contact us as 1800 234 345.

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